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Trophy Day

Michele Dean

League Director

(334) 559-9387

Each season is composed of 7-8 Saturdays starting in late March or early April until May, before the Alabama heat hits.  On these Saturdays, games are played on the hour and last for two innings (40-45minutes each).

Picture Day

Giving Ability a Chance

Sarah Buck

Player & Parent Coordinator

Children/Young adults 5yrs+ and adults of all ages can register starting around January of every year until the end of the baseball season.  Registration is completely online and free of charge.  The only requirement is an email address so we can contact you and keep you updated as the season nears and progresses.  To ensure proper Jersey size, register by February 10, 2019.



Every player is assigned a buddy who will assist them from the time they enter the park until the player is turned back over to their parent or guardian.  Buddies are volunteers whose sole purpose is to make sure their players are hydrated, safe, and having fun.  In this way family members get the opportunity to watch and cheer for their child from the stands.

New Player Information

Half way through the season individual player and team pictures are taken before or after each team's game.  Picture packages can be purchased on picture day and are available for pick up at the park before the season ends.  Details about Picture Day and prices will be posted on our website, email, Facebook page, and announced on game days.

Jersey Day

Upper and Lower divisions

In the Miracle League we have two divisions - upper and lower.  Our upper league contains particularly talented individuals who can play on a grass field, and are usually coach pitched.  The lower league contains individuals who cannot play on the grass field but can play on our special Miracle Field, and are pitched to by their coaches or hit off the tee.  Usually lower league individuals have more severe health conditions.

Featuring Bill Hitchcock Miracle Field

On the very last game day after each game coaches hand out trophies to all their players.  Every player gets a trophy as a result of being a part of the league.  There are usually other fun activities on Trophy Day as well!

Game Days

One week before Opening day, usually the second or third Saturday of March, coaches hand out jersey's to their players at Sports Academy in Midway Plaza.  This gives players and their families an opportunity to meet and connect with their coaches. 

Emergency Medical Technicians

Every game EMT's graciously donate their time to stand by and help in case of any injury incurred during the games, from a small scrape to dehydration.  THANK YOU EMT'S!